Focus on Stupid: Adobe.

If you sell a product and a consumer has decided to buy your product, make it easy to buy. I wanted to buy from Adobe and here is how it should have went down:

  1. Click buy
  2. Enter credit card
  3. Confirm and download

I expected all of that to take < 2 minutes. Here is what actually happened:

  1. Click buy
  2. Enter credit card
  3. Realize that I can't enter the billing address correctly because they have my country as Canada but I live in the US
  4. Spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to update my country
  5. Call customer support
  6. Wait 1 hour
  7. They can't change the country either, so they delete and recreate my account.
  8. Click buy
  9. Enter credit card
  10. Confirm and download

In the end it took more than an hour of involved time and the purchase spanned 8 hours.

My advice to you, Adobe, is to stop being beaurocratic. There is no good reason to not allow someone to update their country. And for your own sake take a cue from Apple or Amazon, make it ridiculously easy to buy your product.