Digitizing A Map of Thamesville from 1925

I have copies of a very detailed map of my home town from 1925 and they has been annotated with interesting facts about the people and businesses.

I want to preserve these maps digitally and here is the how I did it.


I wanted to maximize detail, so each map is combined from 28-33 different images.

Each sheet was photographed on a black background. I used a speedlight on either side of the map pointing at a 45° angle with a white umbrella


I found in my tests that Photoshop CC did and excellent job of stitching the images together so long as I overlapped them by about half.

Selected single image:

One map combined from 33 images:

The Final Product

Once all three maps were photographed and stitched I split them up and combined them into a single image.

Compressed as a JPG the file is about 50MB and is 29665 x 27536 pixels

Excluding the black background the image totals approximately 600 megapixels.

Next Step

Hosting the image so that users can zoom and browse the details like google maps.